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Betty Brant was a student at Midtown School of Science & Technology, and an anchor of the school's news. She's also close friends with Liz Allan.

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She was asked by her co-anchor Jason to the school's homecoming dance, but she rejected him on air.

She said goodbye to Liz when Liz and her mother were forced to move to Oregon, after it was revealed her father was a big time criminal who was apprehended by Spider-Man.[1]

Betty was disintegrated by Thanos alongside half of the universe [2], and resurrected five years later by Bruce Banner.[3]. Much to her annoyance, as from her perspective she and her classmates had just finished midterms before being snapped, Midtown High had to restart its school year to accommodate the resurrected.

Towards the end of the school year, Betty joined her classmates on a field trip to Europe. She started a relationship with Ned Leeds while on the trip, but the trip suffered complications due to the presence of monsters known as the Elementals. In Prague, Ned and Betty were attacked by the Fire Elemental, but Spider-Man, under the guise of what Ned claimed was a "European rip-off" named Night Monkey, teamed up with Quentin Beck and seemingly defeated it. However, Beck turned out to be a fraud and staging the Elementals' attacks. Due to Spider-Man accidentally telling Beck about who knew his secret, Beck targeted Ned, Betty, and MJ to kill them. Betty joined up with Happy Hogan to hide, but Spider-Man ultimately defeated Beck. Afterwards, Ned and Betty broke up, but remained friends.[4]


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