Quote1 Oh, Thomas... What have I done..? Quote2
-- Elizabeth Howlett src

Life & Death

Elizabeth married John Howlett, Sr. and mothered two children, John, Jr. and James in Alberta, Canada in the late 19th Century.[2]

After an undisclosed incident in which her first son, John, Jr., died, she was sent into a madhouse. As she returned to the Howlett Estate, things had never been the same. To hide her three claw mark scars which are assumedly a result of the incident with John, Jr., she hid in her chamber. Her only contact at that time was the maid Mrs. Hopkins. She even disregarded her second son James who missed his mother terribly. Nevertheless, it was shown that she was searching for eye contact with the estate's groundkeeper Thomas Logan with whom she had an affair.[2] Out of this circumstances Logan fathered James.[3]

After Thomas and his son "Dog" Logan were banished from the Howlett Estate by Elizabeth's husband, the Logans invaded the estate to take Elizabeth with them. In that occasion, her husband, John, Sr., was killed by Thomas Logan and James' mutant gene was activated witnessing this murder and killed Thomas Logan in return.[4]

The activation of James' claw ability left Elizabeth in a shock stating that this happened again which pointed to the incident with her first son. She immediately cast her "monster" son out who had to leave the Howlett Estate with his friend Rose. After that Elizabeth turned to Thomas Logan's corpse taking all the blame and killing herself with his gun.[5]

Revealing Family Tree

When her son James who eventually became the X-Man Wolverine gained his memories after years of manipulation and repression, Nick Fury revealed to him that members of Elizabeth's family (Hudson) were there on almost every turning point in Wolverine's life. It is also mentioned that the Hudson family held more or less strong ties to the Weapon X Project which formed Wolverine. Weapon X-Professor Truett Hudson is the grandson of Elizabeth's brother Frederick. Frederick's second grandson Victor was working for Weapon X-organizer Romulus who actively influenced Wolverine's and his family's life to an uncertain point. But further information on Elizabeth's life could not be revealed and remains a mystery.[1]

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