Very little is known about Elizabeth Rawson's life before she joined the Femme Fatales and became the leader of the team. Her teammates are Bloodlust, Whiplash, and Mindblast. She and her team were hired by the Chameleon (disguised as a Dr. Turner) to attack Spider-Man as part of his plot to convince Spider-Man to remove his powers. The plan ultimately failed.[1]

Knockout and the Femme Fatales later joined Superia's all-female team the Femizons. As Superia planned to sterilize most of Earth's female population, the Femme Fatales and the other Femizons fought Captain America and Paladin as the pair tried to stop Superia's plan. Superia's plan was stopped, and the Femizons were disbanded.[2]

Some time later, Knockout and her team attended an auction being held by the Tinkerer for the Venom symbiote, along with many other villains.[3]

Later still, the Femme Fatales, with new members Viper and Sapphire Styx, set up a trap for the X-Men Domino and Psylocke, who were in Madripoor looking for clues in the disappearance of Wolverine. During the ambush, Knockout quickly took out Rogue.[4]


She has enhanced superhuman strength and durability as well as high-leveled endurance.


Skilled fighter


Her costume can increase her strength level.


A pair of pounders

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