When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Red She-Hulk was among the many who succumbed to it. She attacked the Baxter Building where they were developing a cure. T'Challa attempted to stop her but he was not strong enough and retreated back to his lab. Red She-Hulk teamed up with the infected Thing and Thundra and fought Wolverine, the Punisher and Reed Richards. When they were backed into a corner, Thing threw Red She-Hulk to them to escape with Thundra. Reed locked her up for further study.[1]

Red She-Hulk was later seen attacking a safety camp housing twenty thousand uninfected New Yorkers and a third of the medical team. The Punisher, Hawkeye and Iron Man intervened and she was seemingly killed.[2]

However, years later, she was seen alive and allied herself with the King of Death. Along with many other cannibals working for the King of Death, she ambushed the Punisher, Deadpool, Scorpion and Black Widow when they tried to free his uninfected prisoners. She was killed when the Punisher tossed a number of grenades at them.[3]


Seemingly those of Elizabeth Ross (Earth-616)#Powers.


Due to her exposure to Survivor 118, Red She-Hulk was capable of adapting to extreme changes in her environment.

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