Daughter of General Thunderbolt Ross and the love of Bruce Banner's life, Betty Ross was one of Bruce's scientific colleagues during his creation of the Gamma Reactor and the accident that followed when it was tested. Her father would become of one of Bruce's greatest enemies after he became the Hulk.[citation needed]

Betty was constantly at odds with her father because of her feelings towards Bruce. She and Doc Samson vigorously worked on a cure for Bruce's condition whilst he roamed the country as a fugitive.[citation needed]

After they finally believed they succeeded, they convinced Hulk to stand in the Nutrient Bath, hoping to completely separate Banner and Hulk. The procedure didn't went as planned due to Talbot's interference, with both Banner and Hulk comatose due to the operation.[citation needed]

After they both awakened, Betty attempted to marry Bruce before her insane father stopped the ceremony. Doc Samson then told her that Hulk and Bruce needed each other to survive, and they placed them back into the Nutrient Bath. Her father again intervened, and Rick Jones fell into the vat, becoming a Hulk himself.[citation needed]

She continued to work on a cure for Bruce and also does her best to be there for him as best she can.[citation needed]

Eventually, Betty and Bruce started to accept the Hulk as part of their lives and made peace with it, as did her father; much to her and Bruce's surprise.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of Elizabeth Ross (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Elizabeth Ross (Earth-616)#Abilities.

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