Betty Ross was with her Father General Ross at the Army Test site in the New Mexico Desert Base, where she met and quickly fell in love with Dr. Bruce Banner. The doctor would soon become The Incredible Hulk, by accident, when he saved young Rick Jones from being killed by Bruce's own experimental Gamma-Bomb. She doesn't know that Bruce and the Hulk are one and the same throughout the series, but she always shows deep love for Bruce, who deep down feels the same way, and also defends him from her father, General Ross's, verbal abuse. Since she didn't know that Bruce is the Hulk, she was instantly terrified of the Hulk like everyone else, but when the Hulk saved her life at the end of the series from supervillain Boomerang, she begins to see him in a more positive way, and starts to believe that there is good in him after all and not a monster; (still unaware that Bruce and The Hulk are the same person).


Seemingly those of Elizabeth Ross (Earth-616)#Abilities.

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