Elizabeth Ross' history mirrors that of Elizabeth Ross of Earth-3488 up to the point where the Chitauri began plotting a second attack.

During the following months after the Chitauri's first attack, Bruce Banner was incarcerated. He demanded to see Betty, but his jealous and resentful jailer Dr. Oiler refused.

Betty outside Bruce's cell

Betty was then tasked with studying the remains of the alien ship the Chitauri where in; she quickly discovered that the vibranium hull it was made of had turned incredibly brittle after Bruce attacked it as The Hulk. She then finally saw Bruce and told him about her discovery and they both compared notes helping rebuild their relationship to.

She then found that the vibranium cube that was on the spacecraft contained an enormous amount of kinetic energy.

After the Avengers' failed mission to Wakanda to find more vibranium, Betty went back to Bruce again to see if he anything to go on. Bruce revealed that he discovered the aliens' weakness: gamma radiation made the vibranium brittle when the Hulk struck it with his fists. After this revelation, Betty then built a gamma generator to use against the aliens' technology.

As the field created by the Chitauri Command Ship reached New York City in another invasion attempt, Betty finished the generator and together with Wasp, she and Janet evaded the aliens while fighting them off and eventually made their way to Bruce, who was dying from an overdose of gas by a treacherous Dr. Oiler. Bruce apparently died on the other side of the glass, but not before he and Betty confessed their love to each other. After that, Betty and Wasp left to help the other Avengers fight the aliens.

The two headed to Wakanda where Betty gave the generator to Iron Man. Iron Man used the device to destroy the Chitauri command ship, bringing an end to their invasion. Betty and the others then watched on as Giant Man peacefully died in Wasp's arms after the alien attack.

The team then headed back to New York to the SHIELD base which had been left in ruins. As Betty walked through the wreckage with Wasp and the other Avengers, she thought she heard Hulk's voice calling to her silently. She went to the cell that Bruce was in again and found that Bruce had managed to survive the poison gas attack by transforming into the Hulk once more and escaped.

Elizabeth Ross (Earth-60808) and Janet van Dyne (Earth-60808) from Ultimate Avengers 2 Rise of the Panther 0001.jpg

During Giant Man's funeral Betty comforted Janet for her loss, and in return Janet reassured Betty that while Bruce may be on the run now at least he was alive & safe.[1]




Seemingly those of Betty Ross of Earth-3488

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