The past history of Betty Ross of Earth-774 would mirror that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until Bruce Banner's transformation into the Hulk. In this reality, Bruce would retain his intellect when transforming into the Hulk. Betty would soon discover this when Bruce and Rick Jones encountered her en route to collect the military police to arrest Russian spy Igor Drenkov. She would initially be frightened by Banner, until she was put at ease by both Rick and Bruce. She would witness Bruce talking the Gargoyle to stop his aggressions towards America and use his scientific skill for good. Seeing that Bruce Banner would revert to human form at dawn, Betty would pursue a relationship with him and the two would fall in love.

When her father learned of Bruce's nightly transformations he would be horrified initially however he would reconcile with Bruce and eventually consent to Bruce and Betty getting married. Betty and Bruce would live happily in New Mexico until Bruce would be invited to work with Reed Richards in New York following the disbanding of the Fantastic Four. Betty would accompany Bruce there where she would watch as Bruce, Reed and Charles Xavier would work together on their invention the Psychotron.

Betty would be present when Galactus would be stopped by the combined forms of Banner, Richards and Xavier (dubbed the X-Man) which would end in the heroes victories. She would also be witness to them losing their powers and Ben Grimm reverting to a more savage version of the Thing and vowing to menace the Earth[1]. Betty's current activities are unrevealed.

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