The past history of Betty Ross of Earth-9997 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart. However, there is one major divergence, while on Earth-616 when Betty was presumed dead, it was revealed that the Abomination was responsible, but she happened to live on and return to the Hulk's life. On Earth-9997 it was revealed that what ultimately killed Betty was her constant proximity to the Hulk, and other Gamma-spawned creatures that it eventually killed her. It has not been otherwise recorded that she was resurrected or cheated death and returned at a later date like her Earth-616 counterpart.
In recent history, when Bruce Banner and the Hulk (now two separate entities) was on his way to see Clea the Sorceress Supreme about the meaning of dreams he was having, he came across a female mutate that was being harassed by members of the Hydra race. Upon saving this woman, Bruce noticed she had a resemblance to Betty, but the frightened woman fled. It has yet to be revealed if this is somehow Betty Ross of Earth-9997 or a case of mistaken identity. It's certainly a possibility as Betty has not been seen in the Realm of the Dead or in Mar-Vell's Paradise.


Presumably similar to that of her Earth-616 counterpart. If the female that Banner encountered was truly Betty Ross, then her exposure to the Terrigen Mists had mutated her into a winged form with elongated fingers. She at least had the ability of flight, however, she vocalized that her wings were injured and she was no longer able to do so.

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