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Quote1.png And I'd like to remind you that I'm the one who's done time and knows how to handle herself. So if I have to drop-kick you in the chest to protect the man I love, then I hope you're ready for this tiny ginger to tap-dance the Cheers theme all over your sternum. I swear to God I'll do it, Marcus. Quote2.png
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Elizabeth had been abused by her father until one day she killed him in self-defense, so she fled and changed her identity.[1] As "Janine", she met Ben Reilly in Salt Lake City, Utah.[3] The two began a relationship and eventually shared their secrets with each other, Ben accepting Janine despite her past crime and Janine teasingly calling Ben 'Spider-Man' after he explained his origin as a clone. Ben and Janine began to go on the run in order to avoid the authorities who were after her for her murder of her father, Janine certain that she would just be condemned for the crime rather than accepted once the truth came out.[1] Hating the fact that Ben had found happiness, Kaine kidnapped Janine while the two were in Santa Cruz. Kaine promised to leave Ben alone if Janine would leave him, and when she finally agreed, Kaine made her fake her suicide.[4] Kaine unveiled Janine several years later when Ben was in New York City, now operating as Spider-Man during Peter's 'retirement'. Following Ben's final confrontation with Kaine, Janine confessed to the murder of her father to the police and turned herself in, Ben's words to Kaine convincing her that she had to accept what she had done and face the consequences.[5]

Janine served time for many years at Bedford Falls Correctional Facility, until she was approached by Beyond Corporation representative Marcus Momplaisir to relocate into their custody at a minimum security facility. Initially refusing, Janine agreed when Marcus mentioned meeting Ben Reilly again came up. Once freed and outside, she finally met Ben again and the two swung off to their home, ignorant to her freedom being a means for Beyond Corp to hold onto Ben's loyalty as their corporate Spider-Man. When living at Beyond Tower in New York City, Janine grew increasingly uncomfortable with her gilded cage and being "advised" by Marcus to remind Ben of his contractual obligations whenever he went radio silent. After Ben brought Peter to the hospital after their fight with the U-Foes, she comforted Ben until he felt better, and later voiced her concerns when it was appropriate.[6]

After Ben's capture of the U-Foes, his continued work as Spider-Man still brought up concerns in Janine about his well-being, despite his reassurances and her voicing her feeling confined by their life under Beyond. Her concerns were later proven valid when Ben had led Morbius to their apartment for the Langston A.I. defenses to stop the living vampire's pursuit, and she was left helpless while Ben was sent to the E.R. in Beyond Tower. While he recovered and the two tried having positive together time,[7] Ben's encounter with Kraven left her increasingly worried, being unable to reach him during his captivity and battle. While Marcus tried stalling her with routine jargon, Janine's patience grew increasingly thin whereby she threatened bodily harm to Marcus should Ben be in terrible condition.[8] With Ben's safe return and medical examination, Janine's worry for Ben remained but lessened.[9]

While Janine was proud to see the good Ben was doing as Spider-Man in the news, she couldn't help feeling still imprisoned at Beyond despite the luxury of their home.[10] When going out for a date, she was exasperated but understanding of Ben's need to leave to stop Doc Ock and rendezvoused with him later at their apartment, where he covertly passed to her Beyond's master hard drive.[11] While Ben was in session with Dr. Ashley Kafka, Janine read the contents within the drive, learning Beyond's covert corruptions which included their playing the U-Foes to remove Peter as Spider-Man. Under close observation, Janine took Marcus hostage to escape[12] and went to Mary Jane for help.[13] However, Beyond found her at the Daily Bugle and sent new villain Queen Goblin to successfully destroy the evidence. While Ben arrived and stunned the villain, he singlemindedly saved Janine foremost[14] before updating her of Beyond's editing away his memories from Peter. Hoping to stop Beyond's evil, she directs Ben to the covert supervillain department in Staten Island before having Ben drop her off at McCarthy to ask Peter's help.[15]

Although Janine headed to a motel for rendezvousing with Ben, she instead reconsidered and decided to act[16] for Ben's sake, and met with Ben at Beyond Tower as they moved to end the company's threat.[17] While Janine rescued Marcus from a kills squad, they had to evacuate upon learning of the cover-up protocols being activated. She and Marcus parted to rescue a different Spider-Man, with Marcus successfully saving Peter while Janine had to later wade through psycho-reactive goo to find Ben in the sewer system. The months later were difficult as they had to resort to living in near-squaller hiding from Beyond, as well as Ben having struggled with his mental rupture, renaming himself as Chasm much to Janine's worry.[18]


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