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Queen Elizabeth II was the reigning Monarch of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth of Nations.

World War II[]

In 1936, Princess Lilibet encountered the time traveling members of Excalibur Kitty Pryde and Phoenix (Rachel Summers).[4]

Modern Era[]

Captain Britain Vol 1 39

When she was in London to speak in honor of her silver jubilee, she was attacked by Captain Britain who was being mind-controlled by the Manipulator.[5] She was saved by the Highwayman who was also working for the Manipulator and managed to replace one of the Queen's rings with a mind-control device.[2]

The mind controlled Queen Elizabeth and lead the Royal Navy against the nation of Umbazi, much to the consternation of the British Government. Captain Britain battled the Manipulator's henchman, the Highwayman and freed her from his control.[6]

Captain Britain was working for the Secret Avengers he was knocked into Buckingham Palace and into Queen Elizabeth II's private rooms.[7]

Queen Elizabeth was giving out honors alongside Faiza Hussain. The mutant thief Gambit was there disguised as Sir Antony Ellis, who was receiving an honor for services to arts. Faiza asked the Queen would she prefer to dub these people knights but she replied that the sword Excalibur represented the empire and its history far more than even her. And, the sword had chosen her. Besides, she added, she has no doubt these men felt safer with a steadier blade at their heads. But, as Gambit kneeled before them, he stole the sword and kissed the queen on her hand. MI13 was able to recover the sword, but from then on he was considered an enemy of the crown.[8]

Liam Connaughton (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 2 14 0001

Liam Connaughton met with Queen Elizabeth during a royal charity lunch, in order to prove that mutants were able to solve conflict (the Northern Irish conflict here) without using violence, from their powers or not.[9]

Deadpool broke out of Crossmoor Prison. After fighting off local law enforcement, he sneaked aboard the queen's carriage and took her hostage. While on the carriage, he talked to her about his problem with Ella Whitby, the doctor who was emulating him. Elizabeth convinced Deadpool that she was his responsibility. Deadpool escaped by disguising himself as Elizabeth and dressing her in a police outfit after tying her up, stealing her crown in the process.[10]

While escaping from the London chapter of the Hellfire Club; Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter used a secret tunnel that lead them straight to Buckingham Palace, into the chambers of the Queen herself.[11]


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