Dr. Ella Sterling was an archaeologist who spent years studying an area of Canada in order to find the site where the Avingnon Party ate each other during their last seven weeks of life stranded in an improvised shelter due to a blizzard. She was given the chance to go on an expedition funded by the Roxxon Corporation to find and secure said site before they undertook their mining operations there.[1] Unbeknownst to her and to the miner Philips Waggoner, they were to be used by Roxxon executive Mr. Banks in the Ur-Wendigo experiment, which aimed at creating a far more powerful version of the Wendigo by making a person eat Wendigo meat at said site due to its cursed nature.

Ella Sterling (Earth-616) and Philips Waggoner (Earth-616) from Weapon H Vol 1 1 001

Pursued by the Ur-Wendigo

After the team was dropped in the Canadian wilderness, Waggoner noticed the rations case was nowhere to be found and warned the others. Luckily for the team, Weapon H overheard their conversation and killed a deer to provide them food, but only Sterling ate its meat as Mr. Banks convinced Waggoner that it could be poisoned. Once Dr. Sterling managed to locate the site, Mr. Banks tricked a hungry Waggoner into eating Wendigo flesh to turn him into the Ur-Wendigo and tried to feed Sterling to it; however, Weapon H came out of the shadows and attacked the creature.[2] When Weapon H tried to take Dr. Sterling to safety, the Ur-Wendigo caught him mid-air and took a bite of him, making it grow bigger than before. As it was about to eat Weapon H whole, Doctor Strange burst onto the scene to help take the creature down. Sterling and Strange later watched as Weapon H allowed himself to be eaten so he could use Doctor Strange's ax to kill the creature from within.[3]

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