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While Deadpool was held in Crossmore Institution in England, Dr. Whitby offered to help him. She soon after helped him escape from the institution and confessed her love for him, but he wouldn't accept her.[citation needed]

Displaying some stalker tendencies, she found Deadpool after he escaped and professed her love once more, going so far as to wear a rather unflattering Deadpool costume. Deadpool fended her off and went to inspect her house. Deadpool discovered the extent of her 'love'; she had dismembered body parts belonging to him in her refrigerator, all collected from various points in time, their purpose (Deadpool surmised) being to create a "skin suit". He then deduced that she was going to kill the head warden of the Crossmore institution in some sort of tribute to him.[citation needed]

While on the way to the warden's house, Deadpool theorized that Ella would try and emulate his killing method (by boiling tea made with ammonium nitrate on the stove, with a plastic bag in the oven filling up with gas), but saw that she was just sitting on the couch waiting with a gun. Entering the building, it was revealed that Ella did think of exactly the method Deadpool imagined and intentionally caught both of them in the explosion.[citation needed]

Deadpool survived (unsurprisingly) and returned to Whitby's apartment to dump the body parts (which, via Wade's healing factor, naturally came together to form Evil Deadpool) when Whitby walked through the door, horribly burned from the explosion. Wade told her that he loved someone else, and in response, she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head.[citation needed]

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