An Ultra who developed small wings that weren't big enough to enable her to fly, she found herself largely ostracized. She eventually ended up spending time with three-legged, four-armed Ramon. After Amber Hunt's possession by the Entity caused mass hysteria, Ramon took Ellen to the roof of an old factory, where he attempted to talk her into flying to the Moon (a feeling invoked in many by the Entity's actions). Knowing full well her inability to fly, she kept trying to convince him she couldn't. Wandering by and seeing the two on the ledge, private investigator Alec Swan quickly came to the roof and tackled Ramon, then tried to convince Ellen she couldn't make it to the Moon...only to find she knew she wasn't able to. Still on the ledge, though, she was considering suicide because of the response her wings invoked, and feeling that if she could at least fly with them, she could accept them. Swan then befriended her and talked her out of suicide, explaining the problems in his own life, and how he'd seen Ultras whose powers had changed over time, giving her the hope that her wings would grow larger.[1]

Later, Ellen was seen in bed with Swan, her wings having grown much larger in the interim.[2]


Given her increased wingspan, flight may now be possible.

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