Quote1 Now listen up: I want everything in this godforsaken swamp dead. The Man-Thing's mine... but every other living thing dies, too. Quote2
-- Ellen Brandt src
Ellen Brandt (Earth-85133) Dead of Night Featuring Man-Thing Vol 1 1

Before the scars

Ellen Brandt was a woman employed by A.I.M.. She was assigned to assist Ted Sallis in Citrusville, Florida on a project designed to reproduce the fabled Super-Soldier Serum. Sallis had no idea that he was secretly working for A.I.M. Brandt conspired with a fellow agent Eric Schist to steal Sallis' research. Brandt seduced Sallis and pretended that she had fallen in love with him. She even agreed to become Ted's wife despite carrying on a secret affair with Eric. As Ted's work drew closer to success, Ellen revealed her true colors. One night in his cabin, she held Sallis at gunpoint, demanding him to surrender his research. Sallis tried to flee, but Ellen shot him several times in the back. Sallis fell into the swamp and desperation forced him to imbibe the formula he had been working on. The untested serum had a radical effect on Ted's physiology, turning him into the swampland monster known as the Man-Thing. The Man-Thing returned to the cabin and found Ellen Brandt. Brandt's fear of the creature prompted an emotional and chemical reaction in the Man-Thing's body and he viciously mutilated her face with his corrosive acid touch. Ellen survived the Man-Thing's attack and returned to A.I.M. She came back to the swamps several weeks later, accompanied by an armed compliment of A.I.M. shock troops. They hunted down the Man-Thing, killing several innocent civilians in the process. What Ellen didn't know however, was that the Man-Thing had a secret ally in the form of amateur sorceress Jennifer Kale. Kale weaved a spell of loathing that forced the A.I.M. agents to turn against one another. The Man-Thing encountered Ellen Brandt a second time and engulfed her within the bulk of his mass. [1]



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