Grotto ran with Brannigan's gang for a long time, doing pick-ups, drop-offs, and low-level criminal acts.[2]

He was one of 16 irish gang members who met at the Burren Club when 15 of them were massacred in an all-out firefight. As the only survivor, he was seen as a traitor or a rat among his co-workers and went on the run.

Grotto sought the help of Nelson and Murdock at Josie's, hoping to have them represent him while he went to the DA for witness protection in exchange for his knowledge.

When he passed out from the injury he sustained in the massacre, he was taken to metro county hospital where Karen Page told them he was Steven Schaffer and she was his wife Isabel. She also told them he was in a bar fight defending her honor where he sustained his injuries.

Daredevil saved Grotto after he and Karen narrowly escaped the assailant who attempted to finish the job at the hospital.[2]



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