Elloe had been a member of a high-ranking family on the planet Sakaar until she and her family were sent to the Maw after her father defied the Red King. In the Maw she allied herself with the Green Scar and the rest of the Warbound.[citation needed]

She followed the Hulk and the rest of the Warbound to Earth where she was one of the most supportive of the Hulk's vengeance wanting to "never stop making them pay." Following the revelation of Miek's treachery she was ashamed of her previous actions to the point of attempting to die. She has continued to stay with the rest of the Warbound.[citation needed]


Elloe is one of the best melee fighters ever known. Her martial prowess combined with her peak physical conditioning and battle armor makes her one of the top combatants in the galaxy, alongside the likes of Gamora, She-Hulk, etc.[citation needed]

Master combatant: Elloe is a master of hand-to-hand combat. During the Hulk's invasion of Earth, Elloe took down several heroes in battle including Echo and Hawkeye on her own.[citation needed]

Weapons master: Elloe is also a weapons master with mastery in using bladed weapons. She has been shown wielding a spear and swords during the Hulk-led rebellion on planet Sakaar, and again during World War Hulk.[citation needed]

Peak physical condition: Elloe is at the peak of her body's physical abilities due to her intense training as a gladiator of the Olympia Imperia. Elloe possesses the stamina, dexterity, and agility at her peak levels.[citation needed]


Elloe uses a high-powered battle armor to combat Earth's heroes during World War Hulk, which she used to increase her combat prowess to greater levels.


two swords and a spear of Sakaar design


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