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Elmo's origins are unknown, as is his true name, if he has one at all. Elmo was present on Technet's first recorded mission, when Sat-Yr-9 hired the group to track down the fugitive Kaptain Briton.[1] After traveling with the group to Earth-616, and mistakenly bringing Captain Britain back to Sat-Yr-9, Elmo traveled with Technet after they were exiled from Sat-Yr-9's world.[2]

When Technet's leader Gatecrasher again crossed paths with Captain Britain, she recounted that Elmo had been killed by the natives of the planet Wereworld. She revealed to Britain that during their travels, the group visited the planet on business, but did not heed the natives' warnings to leave. When the full moon came about, the natives turned into werewolves and attacked the group. Elmo was fatally wounded in the ensuing chaos.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Elmo had the ability to dampen, or drain, the energy of other beings with a simple touch.


It has never been stated what species Elmo belongs to. After his death, another member of his species, Waxworks, joined the ranks of Technet.

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