After a ship crash landed on Counter-Earth, it was taken into custody by that world's version of SHIELD. All aliens aboard the ship were dead on impact, and autopsies were performed. While backwards engineering the ship for use to improve SHIELD's own equipment, a eugenics experiment was discovered that had been intended to mix Kymellian and human DNA. In order to carry out the experiment, SHIELD launched a nationwide search for the perfect genetic candidate that matched the engrams found on the Kymellian ship. Eventually a young boy named Elric Freedom was found to be the perfect match. Making his parents an "offer they couldn't refuse," he was turned over to SHIELD.

After eleven months of testing, Elric Freedom's body finally accepted the genetic grafts and began adapting to the new abilities they offered. Eventually escaping, he assumed the name Elric Whitemane and headquarted himself in the American Southwest and became the outlaw known as Kid Colt.


Elric Freedom (Heroes Reborn) (Earth-616) from Heroes Reborn Young Allies Vol 1 1 0001
Elric is a hybrid of human and Kymellian. Due to his alien DNA, he can shapeshift into a humanoid horse, and teleport short distances. He can store items in sub-space "closets", pockets of extra-dimensional space which can hold items as large as a human being until Elric needs them. By creating multiple pockets which are linked together, Elric can run through them, and seem to rapidly blink in-and-out of existence.


Two six-chambered revolvers

When he is not in his horse form, Elric wears a cowboy-themed costume in homage to the original Kid Colt

Due to his horse-like digestive system, Elric is a vegetarian (but still loves a good bowl of ice cream).

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