Els Udonta was one of the Universal Inhumans and a member of the Light Brigade.[1]

The team was captured by Arthrosians in the Negative Zone, and Annihilus made ​​them fight on the arena to the death against the Arthrosians champions. When Human Torch was captured, he teamed up with the Light Brigade and they escaped. They attacked Annihilus and Johnny took away his Cosmic Control Rod. After that Johnny opened a portal to the Baxter Building and they all returned to Earth.[2]

Els helped in the battle against the Kree. When the Human Torch started to live with Spider-Man he started a party and invited the Inhuman Light Brigade, including her. She flirted with Peter Parker, who was under the effect of some kind of a drink, while they where dancing and kissed him.[3] When the Future Foundation came to meet Black Bolt, she noticed that the Spider-Man scent is the same of Peter Parker and confronted him about that to which Spider-Man denied it. However, Els countered him by saying that she would remember his pouty lips and big round butt in any corner of the universe.[4]


Skilled archer

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