Elsa Ames was born in France, and manifested the mutant ability of gill-slits that enabled her to breathe underwater. In time she came to be more acclimated to the water than the land.

She fell in love with an American named Peter Maher, a normal human, but she felt that a relationship between them would never last due to her ties to the water. In order to be able to stay together, Peter approached the surgeon Simon Bondy, who performed an operation to allow him to breathe underwater. Unfortunately, Elsa had the very same idea, and visited Bondy to have her gill-slits closed up unbeknownst to Peter, separating the two lovers once again.[1]


Elsa had gill-slits in her neck that enabled her to survive and breathe for an indefinite amount of time in a marine environment. She later had them surgically removed.

Elsa's last name, status as a mutant, and placement in regular Earth-616 continuity were established in Marvel Atlas Vol 1 1.

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