The Timebroker gathered multiple teams – each full of Wolverines – to finish the reparing of the broken realities. The last team he gathered consisted a version of Albert and Elsie-Dee from Earth-5211. The first mission of the team was to kill Brother Mutant an evil Magneto (female) who melded with that world's Wolverine, Quicksilver (female), Scarlet Warlock (male Scarlet Witch), and Mesmero (female), and already captured (and manipulated) dozens of Wolverines from the previous teams. When they've arrived they were ambushed immediately and both of them were captured, as well as two of their teammates.[1]

She was badly damage after fighting an army of Wolverines. Patch, an alternate Wolverine with an appearance similar to Nick Fury attacked, and appeared to kill Albert while Elsie-Dee escaped with the head of Zombie Wolverine. Patch caught up with them but was killed by Sabretooth of the Exiles. Albert was destroyed from the waste down when a bus slammed down on him. Elsie-Dee was thrown by Sabretooth and self-destructed in front of Brother Mutant killing herself. The explosion seemed to have little effect as Brother Mutant still lived. Albert with his last power grabbed Brother Mutant's cape distracting him long enough to have an alternate older Wolverine stab Brother Mutant with all six of his claws. Albert died.[2]


Ninety percent of Elsie-Dee's mass is Plastic Explosive. She has a great deal of strength, stamina, and endurance all originating from her being an android.


Though appearing to be a 5 year old girl, Elsie-Dee had abilities far exceeding her appearance. She was very strong, could interface directly with computers, and had an intellect greater than her designer, Donald Pierce, who was himself a genius in the field of robotics.

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