Elsie Gertz is one of New York City's many homeless people. She was frequently terrorized by a local hood named Charlie Carcrash and his gang. One night she was rescued by the Thing, who after seeing her makeshift home, insisted that she take some money and spend a few days in a nearby hotel. Gertz initially refused, but later accepted the cash when Ben convinced her that Charlie might come back. [1] When the Psycho-Man and Hate-Monger spread hatred across New York City, Elsie was terrorized by yet another gang. She was rescued by Matthew Murdock. Instead of thanking him, Elsie -- also affected by the hatred spreading across the city -- slapped him across the face and called him a "honkey" before running away. [2] Shaking off the effects of of the Hate-Monger's hatred, Elsie crossed paths with the god-like Beyonder who was on Earth trying to understand human desire. Seeing him take a three piece suit from a shop window, Elsie chastised him for stealing and tried to explain to him the purpose of money. When she took the Beyonder back to her home, they were jumped by Charlie Carcrash and his gang. Thinking the Beyonder had money, they beat him up and tried to mug him. Watching this, Elsie began rooting through her bags to try and find some money so they would go away, but instead found a business card for the Heroes for Hire. After the mugging ended, Elsie then tried to explain that groups like Heroes for Hire protect the common people. Taking the business card, the Beyonder then healed himself and teleported away to get more advice from them. [3]

The subsequent activities of Elsie Gertz are unknown.

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