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Elspeth Cromwell was a famous witch-hunter, known for her ability to use dark magics against other dark wizards without ever actually being corrupted by them herself, although she had cut herself off from most human contact. She was called by Alma Chalmers to destroy Reed Richards and Susan Storm; Alma had incorrectly identified them as witches during a time when the Richards' were attempting to create a more conventional family life for themselves in the suburban neighborhood of Belle Porte, Connecticut. Certain that the Richards' were witches despite their attempts to convince her otherwise, her attack persisted until she spilled the blood of an innocent by injuring Franklin Richards during the battle with his parents, and by doing so, summoned Mephisto to the site of the confrontation. Having lost control of the forces she had summoned, Cromwell died in the conflict, with Stephen Strange pronouncing her dead when he stepped in to help his allies as the dark forces she had sought to control claimed their dividend from her. Mrs Chalmers asked if he could bring her back, but Strange affirmed that was impossible, warning Mrs Chalmers to consider the price she paid for meddling in the affairs of her neighbors in future.[1]

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  • Expert Sorcerer: She was able to open a portal to Mephisto's Realm, and summon the Knights of Hades.
  • Bio-electric Feedback
  • She had the ability to physically penetrate Invisible Woman's force fields.


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