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The Elf with a Gun was a mysteriously homicidal figure, that killed a number of seemingly random people,[1][2][3][4] before unceremoniously being run over by a truck.[5]

Sometime later, another Elf appeared operating with a similar M.O..[6] He and other Elves like him were servants of the alien Tribunals and were used by them as part of a complex and seemingly pointless scheme to break up the Defenders.[7] Doctor Strange later determined the Tribunals revelations to be a "cosmic hoax,"[8] leaving the true motives of the original Elf and the later ones unconfirmed.


Transportation: Vintage car able to traverse dimensions.[citation needed]
Weapons: Guns


There is no known connections between the Elves with Guns and other races of Elves, such as the Elves of Asgard, the Elves of Otherworld, or the Elves of Weirdworld.[9]

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