Ely was the son of a future version of Captain Marvel and Melissa Gold (Songbird) whose world had become a post apocalyptic nightmare at the joint hands of the Skrull, Kree and Shi'ar Empire in the 22nd century after they united, forming the Council of Aligned Worlds to take over the galaxy, 95 percent of humanity had been wiped out by a virus introduced by the Skrulls and the rest had been enslaved. Ely and his father were forced to hide in a bunker underground to avoid detection.[1]

After freeing the Earth,[2] Captain Marvel continued his journey into the further future where he met Ely again, now leading a group, the Marvites, who worshipped Captain Marvel as a god despite most people now believing him to be only a myth or figure of legend. Captain Marvel had been travelling through time showing up every few centuries looking for Marlo Chandler and causing difficulties for his followers as they began to struggle to understand why he didn't stay to help them and if what previous generations had said about him where even true.[3]

When Captain Marvel and Rick Jones questioned him about Marlo's location he sent Rick into the further future and stole his Nega-Bands[3] it was then revealed that he'd been corrupted by the Magus and was working with him alongside Marlo.[4]

After centuries of practice with the powers he had gained from the Magus he fought against his father who wouldn't fight back, the fight was a short one as Ely began to fade from existence, as he did he realised what his father had done and begged him to change his mind before fading away entirely. It was then revealed that a future version of himself had decided to smother his son in his crib shortly after he was born so he couldn't grow up to be a monster.[5]


While Ely initially claimed to possess no superpowers he did inherent a long lifespan from his father which Geni-Vell stated to be Immortality, living to be over almost two centuries old and yet still appearing to be quite young.[1] Even more centuries after that and Ely had still not seemed to age[3] and many centuries after that he was still alive and healthy.[5]

After being corrupted by the Magus Ely was able to blast Rick Jones into the future by activating the time jump function of the Nega-Bands by touch while keeping the Bands in his own time, he was then able to utilise their powers.[6]


He was taught by his father how to block Cosmic Awareness[3]

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