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Elysia is a member of the race of supermutants known as the Neo. She and her brother Tartarus encountered Archangel and Charlotte Jones in the opening salvo of the Neo's war against humans and mutants, sparked when the High Evolutionary removed all mutants' powers, causing untold devastation to the hidden Neo community.[1]

Elysia kept her mutant powers after the M-Day, and attacked the mutants at San Francisco alongside other members of the Warclan, confronting the Young X-Men.[2]

She was seemingly killed by the Evolutionaries along the others Neo in order to ensure the survival of the mutant species.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Neo physiology: Like others of her kind, she possesses peak human strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes.

  • Illusion Casting: She can project total sensory illusions that create a false reality around her opponent, conforming to their greatest desires and visions of paradise.

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