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The Elysium also known as the Elysian Fields was a section of Hades (Underworld) which is considered to be Heaven for the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

Modern Era

When Phobos was slain in battle against the Gorgon he was sent to Elysium. He was reunited with his proud father in the afterlife. Due to his godly nature he will, no doubt, return some day.[1]

Amadeus Cho and Hercules during a mission to save Zeus from the Hades, while Hercules battled hordes of vengeful enemies in Tartarus, Amadeus ended up in the Elysian Fields (the Greek version of Heaven), where he met his parents again. Before he could finish apologizing for having "caused" their death by winning Brain Fight, Helen Cho and Philip Cho interrupted him and hugged him, happy and proud of what their son had become. Before he could come back to Earth, however, Helen told Amadeus something he didn't know yet: Maddy didn't die in the explosion, and was still alive, taken by the Excello and kept somewhere, needing his help. She would have watched over her children from the Elysian Fields, but she couldn't have done much else: it was up to Amadeus to make things right, and to reunite what remained of there family.[2]

Ares was resting in Elysium with his son when he was attacked by the Collectors goons and transported to him to be part of his Contest of Champions.[3]

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