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When seeking to home for his retired, Magneto built the Autumn Palace on the uninhabited island that was the Elysium Mons.[4]

Following his resurrection, an unhinged Vulcan arrived at the Autumn Palace to challenge Storm. During the battle, the Vulcan destroyed the Autumn Palace and devistate the entire island. However, while Vulcan pushed his powers to their offensive limit, Storm used the help of Wrongslide, Sobunar of the Depths, and Lodus Logos to defeat him.[5]

Since Vulcan's attack, the Autumn Continent has been left mostly dead and seemingly uninhabited.[2]

When Revelation returned from Amenth, he arrived in the Autumn Lands via an Okkara Gateway.[3]

Kaorak (Earth-616) from X-Men Red Vol 2 17 001

Kaorak the living island created from the bulk of the Autumn Continent

In preparation for the final battle of the Genesis War, Storm's forces gathered on the Autumn Continent. Here, Revelation gathered his coven to cast a spell to create a new living island. With Vulcan, Sunfire, Redroot, Orc, and Storm a spell is cast transforming the bulk of the Autumn Continent into Kaorak. The remaining land mass was then named the Autumn Island.[6]

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