Ember Quade was one of the high school students who enrolled in Doreen Green's computer programming course at Empire State University. During a field trip for the class to the Howard Anthony Stark Institute for Technical Excellence she was identified by A.I.M. as a newly transformed Nuhuman with emerging powers of an electrical nature.[1]

After several boys in the audiovisual club got Ember banned from various online games due to their poor sportsmanship when she beat them, she discovered that she could draw energy from surrounding equipment to create pixels that could interact with the physical world. Seeking revenge she unleashed the ape-like character Danger Kong in ESU's library to teach the boys a lesson; however, her plan was thwarted by the combined efforts of Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel. This upset Ember, who saw herself as the victim, and upon the recommendation of her online friend, "King0fPWN," she adopted the villainous persona Emulator.[2]

Ember has exhibited antisocial tendencies, as a result of her mother's constant relocation making it difficult to make long term friends, and further became increasingly withdrawn and non-compliant following her exposure to Terrigen Mist.[1][2]


Electrostatic Energy Manipulation: Following Terrigenesis, Ember inadvertently discovered that during emotional outbursts she now possessed the ability to warp reality by generating electrical anomalies from nearby technology, which she could then absorb, store, and later weaponize as interactive pixels.[1][2]


Skilled Computer Programmer: Ember has demonstrated an aptitude for computer programming and takes associated classes at Empire State University despite still being only a high school student.[1][2]

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