A psychic investigator who sometimes helped the British police on cases, Emelia Witherspoon came into contact with the hero team Excalibur while helping them on a case.[1]

Emelia Witherspoon (Earth-616) from Excalibur Vol 1 55 001

Along with police detective Dai Thomas, Emelia Witherspoon was invited to a party at Braddock Manor by Excalibur leader Captain Britain and his team. When the party was attacked by mercenaries working for the dictator Sat-Yr-9, Emelia's psychic cry for help brought the team rushing to her aid, but they were ambushed and all captured apart from Shadowcat.[2]

Emelia and the other captured guests were tortured by the insane reality-altering mutant Jamie Braddock, who twisted their bodies into monstrous, misshapen forms. When Jamie was defeated, Emelia and the other guests had been returned to their normal forms, but Emelia and Dai were seemingly the most affected emotionally by their transformations, as besides Emelia's psychic ability, they were regular humans, unlike Excalibur.[3]


Clairvoyance: Emelia possesses clairvoyance, but only in minor portions.

Strength level

Normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in minimal physical exercise.

Emelia's appearance and character was loosely based on the late British actress Dame Margaret Rutherford, who played a psychic, Madame Arcati, in the play and movie Blithe Spirit.

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