Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

  • Dorothy Gale
  • The Wizard
  • Aunt Em
  • Uncle Henry
  • Billina the Yellow Hen
  • Shaggy Man
  • Toto

Supporting Characters:

  • Captain General Omby Amby
  • Sawhorse
  • Larry the Lord High Chigglewitz
  • King Kleaver
  • Captain Dipp of the Spoon Brigade
  • C. Bunn, Esquire


  • General Guph
  • The First and Foremost Phanfasm

Other Characters:

  • Fuddle Cook
  • Grandmother Gnit
  • Sobbing Kangaroo
  • Chained Red Dragon
  • Utensians (Judge Sifter, Mr. Popp, Mr. Paprica, etc...)
  • Bunburians (Aunt Sally Lunn, Johnny Cake, the Graham Gems, etc...)
  • Miss Cuttenclip
  • Phanfasms


  • Fuddlecumjig
  • Utensia
  • Bunbury
  • Mount Phantastico


  • Handkerchief Tents


  • Red Wagon

Synopsis for 1st story

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• General Guph persuades the most evil race alive—the shape-shifting Phanfasms of Mt. Phantastico—to join the Nome Army.
• Have the Nomes bitten off more than they can chew?
• Meanwhile, unaware of the danger to Oz, Dorothy, Aunt Em, and Uncle Henry continue sight-seeing.
• They put together living puzzles, suffer abuse from living kitchen utensils, and drool over living baked goods.

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