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Like other members of the Chronos Corps, he was rescued from his crumbling reality. Kang the Conqueror offered him a place among his soldiers in order to bring about the end of the Apocalypse Twins.[1] Once again, he stood by Kang while they visited Havok.[2] He next attacked the Twins along Iron Man 2020, Thor, and Venom while trying to free Sunfire and Wolverine.[3]

The rescue attempt was a success, and the remaining members of the Avengers Unity Division were psychically sent into the past to warn their past selves of the Apocalypse Twins' trickery.[4] The Unity Division were successful in stopping the Twins' plan from destroying Earth, but it was all part of an elaborate plan Kang set up to obtain the power of Exitar the Celestial. Abomination played his role in Kang's plot by grabbing Thor and dragging him in the stream of energy that was coming out of the dying Exitar, both seemingly dying.[5] While Thor ultimately survived, Abomination didn't.[6]



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