In the dystopian future of Earth-9200, the Abomination, the Hulk and She-Hulk were utterly mutated after a nuclear war making them much more powerful driving the Hulk mad. The Hulk then took over the world becoming the tyrannical Maestro. Emil and Jennifer (now named Shulk) teamed up against the Maestro but were defeated with Emil losing a hand and an eye and Jennifer locked in a sarcophagus. After the Maestro was banished in the past by the Hulk of Reality-616, Emil took over the Castle Maestro becoming himself the ruler, then freed Jennifer planning to make her his bride. In the meanwhile, he learned that a woman, Betty-6, was pregnant with the Maestro's child and decided to kill her to end the Maestro's line. With the aid of Janis Jones (the alternate granddaughter of Rick Jones) and Shulk, Betty-6 escaped to the past, and then the Abomination ordered the time-machine destroyed, saying that the past is past.[1]


Seemingly those of Emil Blonsky of Earth-616, but to a greater extent

Strength level

He is apparently slightly weaker than Maestro

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