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The Abomination's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's up to an unknown point in time.

When nuclear war devastated humankind, A.I.M. began collecting humans that were mutated by radiation, including Blonsky and his archnemesis the Hulk. They were then kept in stasis for many decades. The Hulk eventually escaped.[2]

While in stasis, Blonksy was made to believe he was a high-ranking KGB official who bossed around a depowered Bruce Banner. The illusion was undone by M.O.D.O.K. who told him that Hulk had sent missiles to destroy A.I.M.'s base and was now going by the moniker Maestro. Before dying, M.O.D.O.K. asked Blonsky to seek revenge.[3] Blonsky emerged after A.I.M.'s base was destroyed.[4]

Blonsky wandered the ruins of Los Angeles and Santa Monica wondering what to do his life. He was then attacked by a group of Atlanteans who had been ordered to apprehend Hulk and mistook Blonsky for him. Blonsky briefly fought them until he was approached by the Atlantean king Namor. Namor explained to Blonsky the mixup, asked Blonsky to follow him, and gave him a pill that allowed him to breathe underwater. Blonsky learned from Namor's wife Nammu and son Leonard what happened to humankind. Namor then told Blonsky he wanted his help in stopping Maestro's plan to rebuild civilization under his control and showed him one means of doing show: the Android Human Torch.[3]

The Human Torch tried to kill Maestro but failed, and Maestro followed the android to Pacifica. Blonsky didn't participate in the fight between Namor and Maestro followed due to resting, but he eventually rescued Namor from being attacked by Maestro. Blonsky, Namor, and the Human Torch were then teleported away by Doctor Doom so they could help defeat Maestro.[5]

After arriving in Latveria, Blonsky got drunk on alcohol and talked with Namor about the losses that suffered. Both wanting revenge on Maestro for their losses, Blonsky and Namor made a plan. While Namor went to summon a Giganto, Blonsky teleported to Dystopia and let Maestro pummel him as a distraction until Namor arrived with his Giganto to destroy Maestro with it.[6]

Blonsky turned against Namor when he had Giganto began destroying Dystopia as well and killed a woman that reminded Blonksy of his wife Nadia and her young child. Blonsky climbed on top of Giganto to get at Namor when Maestro threw a spear into Giganto's left eye. Blonsky tried attacking Namor as he fell off Giganto, but Namor was teleported away by Doom. When Giganto returned to the ocean, Blonsky held onto the creature, hoping to drown but was rescued by Maestro so he could tell him where Namor went. Blonsky explained that Namor was likely back in Latveria and offered to take Maestro there with a device that could transport him to Latveria to make Namor pay for his attack on Dystopia.[7]

The device was supposed to let Doom's servant Winston know to teleport him back. However, Blonsky was unaware that Doom had killed Winston. When Blonsky and Maestro were teleported to Latveria, they were placed in a prison cell by Doom. The pair escaped and eventually split up. Blonsky made his way to Doom's computer system and hacked into it. He teleported Maestro back to Dystopia and hacked into Human Torch's systems, causing his pyrokinesis to go out of control and killing him, Doom, and Namor. Blonsky intended to die by Human Torch's flames,[1] but he survived and somehow made his way back to Dystopia.

Blonsky, the Hulk, and Hulk's cousin She-Hulk were utterly mutated after the nuclear fallout, making them much more powerful and driving the Hulk mad. The Hulk then took over the world becoming the tyrannical Maestro. Emil and Jennifer (now named Shulk) teamed up against the Maestro but were defeated with Emil losing a hand and an eye and Jennifer locked in a sarcophagus.

After the Maestro was banished in the past by the Hulk of Reality-616, Emil took over the Castle Maestro becoming himself the ruler, then freed Jennifer planning to make her his bride. In the meanwhile, he learned that a woman, Betty-6, was pregnant with the Maestro's child and decided to kill her to end the Maestro's line.

With the aid of Janis Jones (the alternate granddaughter of Rick Jones) and Shulk, Betty-6 escaped to the past, and then the Abomination ordered the time-machine destroyed, saying that the past is past.[8]



Seemingly those of the Emil Blonsky of Earth-616, but to a greater extent.


Seemingly those of the Emil Blonsky of Earth-616.

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