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After Captain Jean DeWolff's death, Mr. Gregg visited Reverend Bernard Finn to confess his sins.[2] He also wrote a confession letter to the Daily Globe, which put into contact with reporter Eddie Brock.[3] After Judge Horace Rosenthal's death, he came back to confess again, as he kept hearing voices in the night.[4]

He later appeared, dressed as the Sin-Eater, at the Daily Bugle Building, looking for J. Jonah Jameson, but he was easily knocked down by Peter Parker and Robbie Robertson. Once he got arrested, he turned out to be a copycat of the real Sin-Eater, who recorded his killings on the other side of the wall next to Gregg's bed. Gregg, already in a strained mental state, heard the voices through the wall and convinced himself he was the Sin-Eater.[5]

Some time later, Emil had become a drug addict and began living in a "tent city", where he ultimately died. His corpse, already rotten and with a Sin Eater mask in its hand, was found by his social worker.[6] Soon after Emil's death, a demonic Sin-Eater with supernatural powers appeared, cryptically claiming that Stan Carter was an imposter.[7] The demonic Sin Eater, claiming to be a "holy ghost", targeted news reporters who he considered to be corrupt. Reporter Alice Gleason, one of his targets, theorized that he was the ghost of Emil Gregg based on clippings from the original Sin Eater investigations in his lair and the Sin Eater's cryptic comments, but dismissed the theory based on Carter's arrest. The demonic Sin-Eater was later killed by Carnage when he overloaded the spirit with his sins.[8]

Gregg's corpse was later reanimated by Carnage using the power of Knull, and sent to deliver a message to Eddie. During the War of the Realms, the undead Sin-Eater abducted several children intending to sacrifice them to Knull and Carnage, but was stopped and re-killed by Eddie - who destroyed his corpse.[1]

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