Quote1 My name is Emil, and I've come to rescue the love of my life. Quote2
-- Emil Spence
Hope Summers (Earth-616) and Emil

Hope Summers and Emil on the Ensabahnur I

Emil was the son of Commander Spence, the captain of the city guard in a city built from the remains of Stryfe's citadel. He met Hope Summers when she became stranded in the time stream without Cable. Even though he first suspected her of being a spy for the "unclean city", the two became close and he helped her survive, giving her food and shelter. When Bishop arrived to the city, offering the city guard a nuclear power cell from his bionic arm if they would help him find Hope, Emil lied to his father and helped keep Hope safe for two years. When Cable and Hope escaped on a spaceship, Emil accompanied Bishop in his pursuit of the two. He aided Hope and Cable in their escape from Bishop's attack, even attacking Bishop with a knife to save Hope. When the Brood attacked the ship, Emil brought Hope to a terraforming pod and gave up his own pod for Cable. In the end, he sacrificed himself, detonating Bishop's nuclear bomb in order to destroy the ship and the invading Brood.[1]



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