Stein used to be a Nazi agent and fought Captain America an unrevealed number of occasions. Cap put Stein on the same level of the Red Skull and Arnim Zola.[1]

During modern times, he worked in East Germany. When East Germany and West Germany reunited following the fall of the Soviet Union, he was forced to flee. Later, he formed the terrorist organization D.A.N.T.E. with former members of the East German secret police. He hired the assassin Beck to kill the businessman Nishimura, but the plot failed due to interference from Captain America and Iron Man. Captain America was later captured by D.A.N.T.E., and Stein taunted him, but Cap later escaped and destroyed D.A.N.T.E.'s headquarters. After Cap killed Beck, Stein attempted to assassinate Nishimura himself, but Iron Man slew him with his laser cane.[1]


None, human.


Exoskeleton that enhanced his strength


Cane that fired a powerful blast of energy

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