Presidency and Overthrown

Emilio Duarte[1] replaced dictator General Luis Augustine as ruler of the Republic of Santo Marco.[2] For years, the U.S.A. attempted to have him killed, sending soldiers who were on different occasions either captured (like Nuke) or killed.

Duarte was known for his radical anti-mutant beliefs.[1] His attempts to pass an anti-mutant bill caught the attention of the X-Men, who worked with Duarte's opposition to shut it down. After Storm delivered a platoon of armed militants who had been evicting fishermen from their villages on the northern shore of the country to local authorities, President Duarte swore to investigate.[2]

After a series of conflicts during which Duarte bombed the capital of Santo Marco, he was overthrown. The country fell into chaos, save for a stretch along the coast defended by the mutant Jorge Santiago.[3]

Return and Death

Duarte's removal from office was short lived.[1] Once he returned, he obtained the technology necessary to produce Nuke Pills, and used them as incentive to make the American soldiers he captured work for him, turning them into the Nuke Platoon.[4] President Duarte sent the Nuke Platoon to round up and exterminate both mutants and mutant sympathizers.[1]

A village of mutants sought the help of Weapon X,[1] who eventually defeated the Nuke Platoon and destroyed their supply of pills. The original Nuke was freed by Weapon X in the process. During the march of the mutants on Santo Marco, demonstrating the Nuke platoon prisoners, and demanding that the National Guard surrendered Duarte for him to be judged for his crimes against mutants and the corruption of his regime, Nuke infiltrated Duarte's office and assassinated him before the eyes of the Santo Marcans (and before cameras).[5]

Duarte was an anti-mutant who had an hatred for them and everyone related to them (including their parents or those who harbor them).[1]

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