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Emily Bright was born with the ability to manipulate magic. As a child, she would manifest her powers by levitating her toys above her crib (much to her parents' concern) or her dog, Emma.[1]

One day, Emma was hit by a car and got seriously injured, but Emily conjured a spell and healed her companion. This event led her to write a letter to Doctor Strange asking for help, which then prompted her to be invited to enroll in the newly created Strange Academy.[1]

Leaving her parents and dog behind, she traveled there with Zelma Stanton through the Western Cortex of the Neverish. Shortly after arriving, she received a warm welcome from Shaylee Moonpeddle, a fellow student and her future roommate.[1]

Despite being fairly new to the magic world, she was highly praised by Wanda Maximoff during her first day; by lunchtime, she had already used more magic in one day than the rest of her life combined.[2]

Doyle Dormammu (Earth-616) and Emily Bright (Earth-616) from Strange Academy Vol 1 7 001.jpg

After Calvin Morse disappeared playing Door Tag, his magical jacket came to warn the students that he was being held in a swamp. Confident they were capable of handling it with their little training, Calvin's closest friends decided to rescue him without warning the school's faculty. When they got there however, the situation was harder than anticipated and Doyle Dormammu, one of Emily's closest friends, was killed. Witnessing his death, Emily unleashed her full power against the enemy by siphoning her power along with Doyle's, but this proved too much for her body and mind, and she fainted.[3]

When the faculty arrived to end the threat and rescue their students, Doctor Strange assisted Emily and brought her to the Medical Room at the School, alongside Doyle's corpse. After being healed by Hoggoth as part of a deal with Strange, Emily tried to travel to the Dark Dimension to ask Doyle's father for help, but failed to navigate through the obscure dimension. Finally accepting the fate of her dear friend, she then gave him a farewell kiss on the forehead, inadvertently bringing him back to life.[4]

Despite Hoggoth's intervention, Emily still wasn't fully cured, so Doyle offered a bit of himself to forge the Ring of Dread, meant to keep Emily safe.[5] When visiting Asgard, the two finally had some alone time and shared their first kiss.[6]

Sometime later, Emily found a note from Doyle on his bed saying he'd witnessed a future where they were brutal enemies and she was in a relationship with their classmate Iric, prompting him to leave the school to prevent himself from turning evil. Emily went to Zelma and demanded they bring him back, but, as she was ranting, she realized Doyle hadn't actually left. Taking her to a lake, he explained that Doctor Voodoo had made him realize that leaving the school could have been the reason he turned evil in the first place, so he'd decided to stay.[7] This peace didn't last long, however. When she found out Calvin had been expelled for dealing dark magic to students, she blew off going to a school dance with Doyle to comfort him. The next day, he gave her the cold shoulder at lunch and, when she began complaining about the unfairness of Calvin's expulsion and the way the school was run, Doyle dismissed it as her wanting to be a hero and they got into a brutal fight, which ended with him unleashing his power on every student in the academy. In the end, he declared to Emily that the prophecy was right and that he was done pretending otherwise, and left. After that, Emily rallied the other students into a whole school walkout.[8]



Using her 'third eye'

  • Sorcery:
    • Energy Blasts[9]
    • Healing[1]
    • Images of Ikonn: Emily has demonstrated great proficiency in using the Images of Ikonn to multiply living creatures.[5]
    • Magic Sight: Emily has begun to master the use of the Eye of Agamotto, allowing her access to a magic vantage point and thus granting her the ability to perceive the ties of multiple worlds and to see xenoplasmic parasites.[10]
    • Resurrection: Emily somehow resurrected Doyle when she kissed her friend on the forehead.[11]
    • Telekinesis/Levitation[1]



  • Ring of Dread

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