Quote1.png So, how's having untended clouds of Terrigen Mist floating around working out for everybody? Quote2.png
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Early Life

Emily Guerrero unbeknownst to her was a Human with Inhuman lineage. She lived with her grandfather, Ivan Guerrero, and brother.[1]

Terrigen Cloud

The Terrigen Cloud came to their area affected the entire family with each of them entering into a cocoon. Emily emerged from her cocoon to see her grandfather standing over her as both of them knew that they had undergone some kind of metamorphosis. She ran out of her room to check on her brother, who still hadn't emerged yet. During this time, Emily's grandfather said that what had happened will allow them to save the world.[1]

Synapse in civillian clothes

Avengers Unity Division

Eight months passed, and Emily, now going by the name of Synapse, became a member of Commander Steve Rogers's Avengers Unity Division as a representative of the Inhumans. Despite being unprepared for the public eye and life as a super-hero, Rogers insisted that Emily stay with the team and vouched for her abilities, even though there was some tension with fellow member, Rogue, who was a mutant. Synapse's first battle as an Avenger was against the Super-Adaptoid.

During the scuffle she tried to read the adaptoid's mind but to no avail, so she used her telepathy to control a flock of pigeons to attack it while the rest of the team were able to finish it off for good.[2]


Telepathy: Synapse possesses the ability to influence the minds of others, be they sapient or primal in nature; however, she has difficulty contacting artificial intelligences, as their thoughtwaves are either synthetic or nonexistent.[2]

  • Lie Detection
  • Brainwave Manipulation: Synapse can manipulate the electricity running through other people's brains for various effects like making them fall asleep[3], cause them vertigo or shut down their motor functions.[4]
  • Telepathic Communication: Synapse can mentally communicate with other people.[5]
  • Mind Possession: Synapse has the ability to take control over other beings' actions. During the fight against the Super-Adaptoid, she attacked it with a flock of pidgeons[2] and used birds as drones at other times.[6]
  • Healing: Synapse has displayed the power to boost an infant girl's immune system[5] and Quicksilver's healing ability.[7]
  • Power Negation: Synapse can suppress other people's powers, she displayed this ability when she neutralized Hellion's powers while they were out of control.[8]

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