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Emily Osborn is the wife of Norman and mother of Harry. She first appeared briefly when eating at a family dinner where Harry told her that he made the football team, but she didn't seem to take any interest.[1]

She later appeared having dinner with Norman, Aaron Warren, Miles Warren, and Curt and Martha Connors. She took no interest in their discussion.[2]

She was supposed to be at the school play, but she did not show up. Her whereabouts weren't revealed.[3]

She later walked in on a conversation between Spider-Man, Harry, and Chameleon, who was under the disguise of Norman, as they were arguing about the Green Goblin's identity. Chameleon told her not to be concerned, so she left the room without even saying a word.[4]

She was last seen walking away from Peter, Gwen, and Harry in tears after Norman's funeral.[4]

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