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Emily Osborn is the wife of Norman and mother of Harry. She first appeared briefly in episode five of season one, where she was eating at the table, Harry told her that he made the football team but she doesn't seem to take any interest.

Her second appearance was in season 2 episode 1, where she was having dinner with Norman Osborn, Aaron Warren, Miles Warren, Curt and Martha Connors. She takes no interest in their discussion.

In episode 12 of season 2, she was supposed to be at the school play but she did not turn up. Her whereabouts wasn't revealed.

In her third appearance in the last episode of season two, she walked in on Peter as Spider-Man, Chameleon as Norman and Harry's conversation about the Green Goblin's identity. Chameleon tells her not to be concerned, so she leaves the room without even saying a word.

She is last seen walking away from Peter, Gwen and Harry in tears after Norman's funeral.



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