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Appearing in "Kill You"

Featured Characters:


  • Parents Music Council (Mentioned)
  • Barracuda (First appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Eminem's unnamed bodyguards (First appearance; dies)
  • Unnamed Eninem fan (First appearance)




  • Eminem's Limo
  • Barracuda's boat

Synopsis for "Kill You"

Eminem is performing at a concert, and once the show is concluded, he leaves in a limo. They are stopped by the Punisher who is standing right where they need to go. Eminem and his crew get out angrily to move him out of their way, but Punisher merely opens fire on them, killing many of them. Eminem runs, firing behind him as he does so, but is pulled into a building by Barracuda.

Believing Barracuda to have saved him, Eminem goes with him to a house, and wait to ambush the Punisher. Eminem gets the drop on Castle and smacks him in the face with the butt of his gun, knocking him out. However, he quickly found out Punisher wasn't after him at all, and that Barracuda was not trying to save him, as Barracuda shoots him in a non-vital organ and causes him to become knocked out.

Eminem wakes up on a boat chained to Punisher outside Detroit. Punisher starts to argue with him about their situation. Barracuda arrives to kill them, and throws Eminem of the boat and onto the frozen water, but it does not break. Barracuda looks for his sniper rifle, and Punisher attacks.

Eminem runs out onto the frozen lake, somehow escaping from his chains, and finds an ice fisher. The ice fisher is a huge fan, and says he'll do anything for him. Eminem asks to borrow his chainsaw for cutting ice for a moment. He runs back to the boat and sees Punisher getting beat-up badly. He grabs Barracuda's attention, then chops him up with the chainsaw. Savoring the moment for a minute, Eminem realizes Punisher has a gun to his head.

Punisher tells him he is going to the Parents Music Council for contracting a killer. Eminem floats off into the sunset, and says, "Do me a favor and tell 'em Shady sent you."


  • Despite the cover saying this is the first issue of a two issue limited series, this was only released as a one-shot issue.


  • Before this issue was released, XXL Magazine posted a picture of Eminem wearing Punisher's suit.[citation needed]
  • This issue was released to promote Eminem's album Relapse.

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