Egghead assembled several costumed supervillains to aid him in his scheme to blackmail the United States. They gathered together in Canada where Egghead had constructed a nuclear bomb. Egghead then demanded that the president relinquish control of the country to him or he would destroy New York City. James Hudson's new team, the Flight, saw the broadcast and opposed the group. Despite their lack of training, the Flight defeated the Emissaries of Evil. The bomb, however, was activated during the altercation and Saint Elmo sacrificed himself to safely end the nuclear threat.[1]

Later, when Egghead was released on parole after attacking his niece, Trish Starr, he sought revenge on Yellowjacket and the Defenders. He was able to steal a NASA space-lab from its launching base in Florida by tricking a guard. NASA was unaware of this as Egghead transmitted false computer reports to them while making his own modifications to the ship, transforming it into a giant arsenal.[2]

Egghead decided that he would require help, so he sought out some of the criminals he had worked with in the past to form his Emissaries of Evil. He found the Rhino wandering around in the Mojave Desert after his battle with the Hulk. Egghead then located Solarr and recruited him to help in his quest. Lastly, Egghead completed his roster when he found the Cobalt Man floating through outer space in a state of suspended animation. Egghead used his technology to place one overpowering thought into his head, to destroy the Defenders.[2]

Egghead sent his emissaries to the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange searching for the mystical artifact known as the Star of Capistan. The Rhino and Solarr attacked the Defenders until they realized that the Defenders had never even heard of the Star. They returned to the space station, though Egghead punished them for failing to retrieve the gem. He then sent the Cobalt Man to destroy the Defenders, programming him to achieve critical mass.[2] The Cobalt Man was freed of his brainwashing by Clea and the Red Guardian. After Solarr and the Rhino were defeated by the "Red Rajah" (Doctor Strange while possessed by the Star of Capistan), Egghead tried to defeat the Defenders by himself. The Cobalt Man, sick of being used as a pawn in the schemes of others, grabbed Egghead as he melted down, apparently killing them both.[3]



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