Pasha Emit Erut-Uf and his assistant Eve Namada are suspected of being Adam and Eve, who according to Christianity were the first man and woman on Earth, created by God himself. However, these suspicions are unconfirmed as the only "evidence" is that Eve's name, spelled backwards is phonetically means "Adam and Eve".

They were first seen in the fall of 1951 putting on a magic show in New York City which stunned audiences with their feats of what appeared to be real magic. Professor Simon Sigmund asked Marvel Boy to come to Earth to investigate Pasha's powers. Marvel Boy watched Pasha's next performance and even participated in the acts and was left stumped as to how Pasha pulled off his tricks. That night, some mobsters kidnapped Pasha from his hotel room and forced him to help them crack the time lock on the vault within the First National Bank. When Eve realized her partner was kidnapped, she asked Marvel Boy to help find him.

Marvel Boy attempted to do so by posing as Pasha to confuse the criminals. When some of the gang spotted the phony Prasha, they kidnapped Marvel Boy and brought them back to the hideout where the real Prasha was being kidnapped. When the crooks looked inside, they found some their guards murdered. The real Pasha meanwhile teleported into the car, revealing to Marvel Boy that he was aware of his plans. The two rode away and the following night the real Pasha put on another show to try and draw out his kidnappers. Sure enough, the mobsters were in the audience plotting to assassinate Prasha during his performance. Having predicted this, Prasha used his magic powers to kill the mobsters, causing their limbs to bloodlessly pop off. Before the police could arrest, Prasha for the murders he committed, he and Eve teleported away, stating that they may return in another few hundred years.[1]

Their subsequent fate is unknown.


Prasha appears to have magical powers, the limitations of these abilities are unknown. He has displayed the ability to teleport himself and others, as well as cause people and objects to levitate. He also used his powers to crack a time lock on a safe, and used it to cause a gang of mobsters to die by causing their limbs to pop off. This effect was bloodless, suggesting that it either coagulated the blood or cauterized the veins. He also could apparently read minds

If the suggestions are true and Pasha and his companion are truly Adam and Eve, then they are either immortal or long lived.

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