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Emma was the resident housekeeper employed at Braddock Manor by Lord James Braddock and his wife Lady Elizabeth. Emma also played nanny to their eldest son, Jamie and took care of the twins, Brian and Betsy when they were born 10 years later.

Several years later, when Lord and Lady Braddock were murdered by the Mastermind computer, the computer mentally enslaved Emma, keeping her in its thrall for seven years (although she did unplug the computer once, inadvertently causing the death of Dr. Synne[1]) so that she could help maintain it and the Manor, until Brian Braddock (now Captain Britain) returned and released her, reprogramming Mastermind.

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With Mastermind reprogrammed by Brian, it tried very hard to restore Emma's mind to full independence once more, as it had grown very fond of her in the years they were together alone in the manor.

Emma stayed on at the Manor since she had no other life, but it was eventually revealed that her years of mental domination had damaged her nervous system and that she was terminally ill. The repentant Mastermind computer, now acting as the Manor's majordomo in the humanoid form of 'Jeeves' the butler, took it upon itself to make her final days as comfortable and memorable as possible. So 'Jeeves' arranged it for her and a humanoid form it created for itself, to take a world cruise together, which delighted Emma to no end.

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It has not been revealed where Emma passed away, but 'Jeeves' brought her back to England for burial.

Some months later Jamie Braddock, using his mutant powers, recreated Emma from his memories of her and installed her in the townhouse where he used to live in London. Jamie had always been very fond of Emma and in his insane state believed her to be the real Emma, even going so far as to punish Nigel Frobisher for insulting her by transforming him into a replica of the crime lord, Vixen.[2]


No known paranormal powers


Became very weak willed from her extended enslavement to Mastermind.

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