Quote1.png It's a chance to make honest money doing dishonest things. Quote2.png
-- Emma Frost src


The best friend of Sophia "Chat" Sanduval, a mutant who could talk to animals, Emma would occasionally run around as the thief 'Silencer' who used her telepathy to help her rob affluent people. As Emma Frost, she used her telepathy to help Chat uncover Peter Parker/Spider-man's secret identity, who both Chat and Emma had a crush on, though Chat did not know Emma was interested at the time. When Chat and Spider-man started dating, she felt she was losing Chat too, and got jealous and used her powers to make Chat forget that the two had been dating, and make Gwen Stacy think she had been dating Parker instead, hoping it would break the two of them up, much to the confusion of Chat and Parker. She was eventually caught with the help of Chat's animals, and convinced by the two to turn herself in to the police, where as a minor she would receive only a limited sentence for her crimes.[2]

Once free, the Silencer occasionally helped out Spider-Man, mostly if Chat called her for help, and eventually joined the Blonde Phantom Detective Agency.[3]


Telepathy: Emma is a highly developed telepath. Though much less powerful than her 616 counterpart, she could hide her presence from people's minds, make them fall asleep ("Silence" them), make people forget or falsely remember things, project images, and read minds.


It requires concentration to use her powers and if her focus lapses, so does her mental effects on others. Someone who knows what she's doing and is prepared for it can resist some of her powers. Even if she reads what someone's about to do, she's not always quick enough to do something about it if they're fast enough, like with Spider-Man. Her mental powers don't work on animals.


Her costume has soft felt soles on the feet to be extra sneaky.[4]

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