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Emma Frost was among the heroes who survived the cataclysm that scorched the Earth and went underground to escape the lethal radiation. She was able to survive the radiation and stop her aging by permanently switching into the diamond form. In 2051 A.D., the survivors still living in an underground faclity located under New York City came under attack from mutated radioactive monster who was no match even for their combined powers and had killed several of them.

Lacking any other way to deal with it the survivors, at the great risk to them, managed to contact Captain Marvel who was in deep space and believed that everyone on Earth had died. Overjoyed to find some of her friends and their children still alive, Carol was able to come up with a way for her and the others to defeat and kill the creature. She then learned about what prevented the resettling of the Earth's surface and sacrificed herself to save the humanity by restarting the Sun and making the surface habitable again.[2]

By the following year, the survivors had started regaining the surface. They also learned of the existence of other groups of survivors, namely one led by Ove. After Emma's group came across a time-displaced younger Captain Marvel, plucked from the timeline of Earth-616 due to the machinations of Ove and the Enchantress,[3] he sent a mind-controlled Luke Cage to deliver an invite to his haven, New Atlantis. Emma reluctantly joined the group tasked by Captain Marvel with accompanying her to New Atlantis.[4] The heroes were initially welcomed with hospitality, and Emma took full advantage of the commodities provided. Carol and her group were ultimately captured since Ove intended to sacrifice Captain Marvel for a time-travelling spell to go to the past himself.[1] While battling the forces of Ove and the Enchantress, Emma temporarily switched off her diamond form to break Ove's control over Luke Cage, turning him to the side of the heroes.[5] In the aftermath of the Enchantress' sacrifice to send Ove herself to the past, the survivors from Emma's group moved to New Atlantis and Captain Marvel was returned to her time.[6]




As a result of permanently encasing herself in her Diamond Form, Emma is no longer able to access her telepathic abilities (in accordance with how her Diamond Form disables her Earth-616 counterpart's telepathy).

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