Emma Frost was a member of the X-Men, and also of the Illuminati, acting in order to counter the Incursions.

Heading to the mutant city-nation of Tian, the new location of an incoming incursion, they encountered the Sidera Maris, automatons of the Mapmakers. The Mapmakers, aware of the danger represented by the mutants presence (cataloging their reality as an Omega-Level threat), targeted their X-Gene to terminate them, including Frost.

The incursing Earth was destroyed and although they were allowed to leave, the rest of her fellow Illuminati attacked, but were all killed except for Iron Man who was stuck in his armor.

The tragedy was witnessed through the Bridge by the Illuminati of Earth-616, who were shocked to see what was headed towards them.[1]


Presumably those of the Emma Frost of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Emma Frost of Earth-616.

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