At some point in her past Emma Frost was lobotomized, eliminating her mutant abilities. To that day, she still had a visible scar on the side of her head where hair no longer grows. She became a primary member of the Human High Council in the Eurasian continent. As a member of the council she developed a romantic relationship with Brian Braddock, who unknown to all was secretly working for Apocalypse.

Emma and Brian examined data about Apocalypse's sea wall defenses collected by the mutant operatives Weapon X (Logan) and Jean Grey, given to them by Sinister.[1] After examining the data, Emma and the council discussed launching a nuclear strike against the forces of Apocalypse. Following a botched assassination attempt by Apocalypse's minion Magma, Emma and the other members of the council agreed that the strike would be necessary.[2]

When their airships were attacked by the cyborg Donald Pierce and the Reavers, Emma defended the primary airship from attack. However, even with the aid of Weapon X, they failed to stop Pierce and his cyborgs from destroying the main ship's navigation system.[3] Emma began to take note of Brian's irritable behavior as the launch of their strike drew nearer.[4] During the mobilization of the final strike, the Reavers attacked again and Brain was forced to reveal his betrayal. During a final attempt to betray Pierce, Brian was impaled in the back by the cyborg, but Emma cut him loose. She held Brian in her arms, and he admitted his weakness to resist to her before dying.[5]

Eventually Apocalypse activated his sea wall defense system to destroy Europe,[6] though Frost managed to escape. Emma later reemerged in England when Prophet sought her out in order to learn the fate of Sue Storm. She pointed them towards Victor von Doom, to whom she had given Reed Richards' notations which Prophet and his human resistance sought. While in Latveria however, Prophet and the Resistance were surprised when they were ambushed by Emma, having recuperated her telepathic abilities through unknown means.


Presumably the same as those of Emma Frost (Earth-616)

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